The Choice Funding Difference

Having a healthy financial statement is key to operating a successful business.  However, sometimes money falls short or cashflow becomes restricted, even for thriving companies. 

Maybe you need to make a large investment to implement the next part of your growth plan, or maybe you’re waiting for late payments on big client accounts to finally clear and you need funding to cover the shortfall. Either way, your responsibility as a smart business owner is to obtain capital to make sure your business remains on the right track.

Deciding on the right merchant cash advance or business loan products can be very difficult; that’s why Choice Funding was founded. We have established ourselves as a leader in the industry and offer exceptional service and the most competitive rates.

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Our mission is to help businesses succeed by offering simple and effective programs. 

Choice Funding offers financing options against your gross annual receivables, not just your VISA and MasterCard volume like most of our competitors. This allows many different business types to qualify for the working capital needed for strong growth.

Choice Funding programs make borrowing money quick and easy because there are no lengthy application requirements that are generally associated with traditional banks.

Our highly skilled account specialists make the entire process easy for our clients right from the start. We work to achieve not only the highest customer satisfaction rates, but also to help our customers succeed in whatever industry type they fall under.

*Pre-qualification is based on a variety of factors, including your current receivables history. Pre-qualification does not constitute guaranteed funding, loan approval or commitment to fees or term. Successful enrollment is based on broader financial information obtained during the application process.