High Risk Funding

High Risk Funding & Financing

Choice Funding provides high risk funding and financing for certain businesses that need immediate cash flow. This money can be used to expand, buy supplies, pay employees, pay suppliers, purchase equipment and other business functions. Our accounts receivable funding program works in this way:

If you have completed a job or service for a credit worthy contractor or sub contractor, we then advance up to 80% of the invoice amount and when the customer pays us, we send you the remaining balance minus our discount. 

The high risk industries that we currently work with are the following: Adult content websites, gentlemen’s clubs, escort services, liquor stores, medical marijuana (where legal), tobacco and e-cigs, and firearms. Get funded now!

high risk funding

Do you have a business that you think fits into the high risk space but isn’t listed above? No worries! Just fill out our contact form or give us a call. One of our team members will be able to give you more information regarding your business type and what type of funding we can provide for you. We look at every application individually! 

high risk funding

Why Choice Funding?

Our agents are willing to take the time to understand your business and financial situation, while getting you the best rates and repayment terms possible.

Don’t have a perfect credit score? No worries! We can work with business owners and businesses regardless of their credit.

Our vast relationships with banks enable us to offer a fast, tailored solution to maximize the growth of your business in both the short and long term.

Talk to us about your high risk funding questions today by filling out the form below or giving us a call. Let us do the hard work while you focus on your business! Get started now!

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*Pre-qualification is based on a variety of factors, including your current receivables history. Pre-qualification does not constitute guaranteed funding, loan approval or commitment to fees or term. Successful enrollment is based on broader financial information obtained during the application process.