High Risk Merchant Processing

The Best In High Risk Merchant Processing

High risk merchant processing is more common than some business owners may think. If you fall under the high risk category, there is no need to panic. Choice Funding provides secure and stable merchant accounts for our clients for almost any industry type. Our clients are given the correct SIC and MCC codes upon setup which drastically reduce the risk of the account being terminated unless there are extremely high chargebacks or fraud.

Why would a business be considered high risk?

  • Poor credit
  • Industry type
  • Chargeback ratio or recent spike in chargebacks
  • Offshore processing
  • Being declined previously for a merchant account
high risk payment processing
high risk merchant processing

Why Choice Funding?

Not only do we offer high risk accounts, we also mitigate and manage chargebacks in order to serve you better. We will notify you if we see any increases in chargebacks that would damage the status of your merchant account. This way, you can stay ahead of any issues that may arise.

In addition, Choice Funding has made our capital program available to our clients. Whether you are looking for safe, reliable, domestic high risk merchant processing or international high risk merchant processing, or need capital to expand and grow your business, Choice Funding is here for you.

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